9 Apr, 2017 10:14pm

How to Create a Landing Page That Converts

Design a presentation page that works for you and turns visitors into buyers.

Do you want to actually have people come to your site, and buy your product? One of the essentials to do lays on your presentation page. This is the page that your target user will land on, upon opening your site. Dependent on your end goal, the message should be clear and effective. So, we’ve come up with a number of points to help your convert your visitors to active users.

Message Definition

For starters, you need to understand the psychology of the end user.Simply put, you need to think of things from a user perspective and understand they would like to see. And more importantly don’t overfill the page with information, a bunch of information is not useful, so you need a strategy.
That strategy is as simple as: simple hook – substance – sticky part.

That’s how the brain works! So, if you want to see great positive effects, follow this simple rule: start with the most simple and easy to understand the message. Then go into more depth and explanation and close off with a hook – something that will spark something in your user(like trust or excitement).
Okay, too much block text, let me break it down for you.

The elevator pitch

This right here, should be a sentence that even makes a 10 year old understand what you are building. Simple, witty, easy to understand, it should be similar to your mantra: What is it you are trying to do?

Position + Value Proposition = The What

The positioning statement, tells your users what it is that you are trying to achieve. This is not the definition neither is it the description of your product, but merely the mission you are trying to create. State it boldly, big (but not too big), and make your users remember you by something.

The Product = The How

This is where the description and details go. The length of this part can vary, depending on what you want to let the users know about your product. It should go into the features and benefits, focusing on what the user has to gain exactly from it.

The Testimonials = The Why Us/Me

This is the sticky part – the people that vouch for you. Focus on quality and not quantity! List your top customers or reviews, positive remarks, anything that builds up the confidence for your users!

The Next Step - Build Good Visuals

Once you have your message strategy figured out, you should bring out a great visual! A beautiful looking landing page can make all the difference in the world.

Things to Keep in Mind

Extremely clear call to action – you should want only 1 thing from the user and he should be able to figure it out at once!

Narrow focus aka ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ – make it extremely hard for someone to lose focus while scrolling!

Handle your users effectively – you are no longer fighting for your customers attentions at this point. If they have got to your website, your main part now is convincing them you are the solution they need!

Must be responsive – this is pretty obvious. You do not know where the users are accessing your website, it can be a phone, tablet or full-sized screen, either way your landing page has to look great!

Be social – make it easy for people to share what they found and also let them know what other think about your product online!

Test it a lot – you most probably won’t get it right from the first try, but you can get better. How? By testing everything you do and seeing how users react.

Mistakes to Avoid

Too many messages – it gets overwhelming very fast.

No hierarchy in content – remember the users need to be guided through the product messaging!

Omitting to name the audience segment or type of user/buyer you are targeting – Don’t assume it's obvious.

Lack of originality – nobody likes to see the same thing over and over again, try to bring something new to the table!

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