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An Introduction to IOS Development

How do you develop apps for iOS? It’s a common question, and one we hope to answer with this series of posts.

Why IOS Development

Coding is like swimming – you have to be thrown into the pool at some point

How do you develop apps for iOS? It’s a common question, and one we hope to answer with this series of posts.

Learning how to develop software can be one of the most intimidating prospects for any computer enthusiast, and with the growing saturation of applications in mobile marketplaces, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get your work noticed. That’s what this series is for, helping you learn iOS development from a conceptual perspective. No prior knowledge of computer programming will be necessary. Over the coming weeks, we’ll examine the iPhone’s ability to deliver immersive, intuitive content, a unique opportunity for both developers and consumers.

Developer Tools & Support

It is only basic math that android app development with its longer codes and slow emulators would be more time consuming for developers. While it can be advocated that some of the codes are auto-generated, it still has to be read and debugged.

Apple shows some great commitment to its developers. XCode being better than Android Studio is a classic example for this. (But open for debate)

Android app development poses the challenge of developing for tons of brands, screen sizes and platforms. You could do a perfect job but still be showered with emails about undetected bugs spotted on some phone with that unpronounceable Chinese brand name.
Also, you have to develop apps that suit three year old Lollypop versions too as 15% of the android users still use that.
iOS app development pretty much uniforms this out with limited devices and versions.

iOS users being more `conducive to spending on apps might be a stereotypical myth but is still well supported by some good stats. Apple has paid out billions to its developers and android isn’t that close a second.

** The Bottom Line: **
iOS apps earn more revenue and are easier and less time-consuming to build. iOS users spend more on apps and also readily upgrade to higher versions of OS. You can stop working on older versions soon.
Switching to iOS app development is thus definitely worth considering. Do it early enough and beat the rush hour traffic.

Brace yourself for some tutorials

Kindly drop on the comment section below, some of the tutorials or questions you might have when it comes to IOS Develpment.
And hopefully I can have some anaswers for you either in the next IOS Development Series or right here on the comment section.

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