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Pillars that guide us to innovation


With Every brilliant product lies an idea,an aspiration to make things better, to make a better world.


From the simplistic of idea we look for creative and innovate way to enhance the idea. Data driven Creativity


The Design simply changes the way a person thinks about a company. Here at FluidTech we elevate that sensation.We bring the idea to life, and let it change how we interact, and enhance our way of life.


Based on the idea, we then aspire to inspire others, generations to come through our work.

We are here to help you build it or Recover it

Join Us, On Our Journey


Websites are the cornerstone of the information age. We design for four corners and ensure your website will look beautiful on any of today’s internet connected devices.


Impress your customers with a beautiful online store and secure shopping cart. Let us help guide you through the world of online shopping.

Mobile App Development

Apps need to deliver an amazing user experience. The UI of your app extends your brand to create a full-fledged identity.

Web Apps

Expect more from your site. We build everything from enterprise grade web applications to simple content management systems that power mobile applications.

Design -UX/UI

It’s all about the user. Effective user interface design increases customer satisfaction. We carefully create both front-ends and back-ends for usability.

Digital Strategy

Creating applications in the digital universe requires a plan. Consulting is part of our business and we are always here to help.


Data Recovery

Data is one important arena with the new age of information. Got a hard disk broken?Won't read? Recovery Needed? Make sure to drop us an email, and will help you get back on your feet ASAP!!

Data Analytics

It’s through insight that we gain perspective of how far we've come and how far we can go. We help you, make sense of your data, and offer infographic perspective, what counts to you.


Here is a brief History of FluidTechGlobal.

  • Inception

    Our Humble Beginnings

    A simple idea to Revolutionize how technology is applied is born,a new philosophy that slowly changes and develops the ambiance of FairTech.


  • Flight

    An Agency is Born

    With the help of fellow brilliant personnel the Agency is born,the Company is born!

  • Core Development

    Transition to Full Service

    The first step of a 1000 steps begins, FairTechGlobal is now is operations, Actualizing each dream at a time!

  • Rollout

    Phase Two Expansion

    FluidTechGlobal reaches out to search for people,companies wanting to share a common philosophy and end goal,Building a Better Tomorrow,Today!

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    Of Our

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